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You are building or renovating your industrial facility.

You want to take this opportunity to check the quality of your plant or optimize your installations in order to decrease your energy consumption.

You need to remove the existing thermal insulation to prepare a periodic regulatory check or a maintenance check.

Calorifuge Isolation Industriel brings the expertise of motivated, trained and qualified employees and provides solution to optimize thermal, refrigeration or sound insulation adapted to your installation. By guaranteeing quality and aesthetics, we allow to enhance and maintain your industrial site.

We operate in complex environments, confined environments, clean rooms, Seveso risk sites, ATEX regulated environments, in strict compliance with current standards.

Lead time times are short and controlled, your manufacturing process preserved.

The continuous improvement of materials makes it possible to reduce the thicknesses while improving the performances and life time of the insulating installations. Materials and techniques of implementation are prepared in advance in our workshops to ensure a quick intervention on site.

We use materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, but also insulation blankets.

The staff is sensitized to selective waste sorting  to maximize recycling .

We also offer maintenance services to extend the quality of your installations.

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